Forever Pininfarina Space, the latest innovative stylus created by the collaboration between Napkin® and Pininfarina, will be in orbit with the International Space Station crew departing on July 29.

Mission in space for NAPKIN® and Pininfarina, which together have given birth in recent years to futuristic projects in the world of writing. Thanks to ALTEC (Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company), the new, innovative stylist of the Forever Made in Italy lineup, from the forever named Forever Pininfarina Space, will accompany the crew of the International Space Station (ISS) to which it was donated . As part of the mission, which will start with Russian carrier Soyuz next July 29 and will last until the end of the year, the astronauts will also be able to use the object and test its potential in a very particular environment characterized by extreme conditions such as the absence of gravity.

Follow the "adventure" of Forever Pininfarina Space on the social channels of NAPKIN® and Pininfarina, which will exclusively tell the space mission with excellent contributions from astronomers and industry experts.

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Space Reports

EPISODIO 01: "Discovering the Space Mission".

This year, 400 km from the earth, within the largest space structure ever built, 6 astronauts will complete one of the most important Science Missions ever.
NAPKIN® and Pininfarina donated to the crew members a special writing tool, #ForeverPininfarinaSpace, the latest innovation created by the collaboration between the two brands, which will accompany them during the whole mission.

EPISODIO 02: "The Space Mission - Interview with Liliana Ravagnolo (ALTEC)".

Here is the second of the 15 episodes of the fantastic story that you can follow exclusively on social channels NapkinForever and Pininfarina.
Today we are talking about ALTEC - Aerospace Engineering Logistics Technology - the center of Italian excellence for the provision of engineering and logistic services to support operations on International Space Station. ALTEC supports the Space Mission that will starting in july 29th.

EPISODIO 03: "Leonardo's Space Genius".

What do #LeonardoDaVinci and the International Space Station have in common? Well, more than you could expect...
The fantastic space story goes on and you can follow it exclusively on social channels NapkinForever and Pininfarina.
Seguiteci e interagite con noi, lo spazio vi sta ascoltando!

EPISODIO 04: "Metal of space".

A few millimeters of thin metal: this is all that separates the astronauts from the dangers of Space, which is definitely the ideal context to test innovative materials as Ethergraf®, the soul inside Forever Pininfarina Space.

EPISODIO 05: "VITA Mission, Interview with Liliana Ravagnolo.".

The space is not a place to conquer, but a place to live in comfort and tranquility. This is the goal of Paolo Nespoli and of other space mission astronauts

EPISODIO 06: "VITA Mission, Interview with Giovanni Martucci".

What does it mean to actually know what's going on up in the space? How one should interpret all the data transmitted from up there? We'll learn more about all of this thanks to this video, which will show us some backstage scenes from a real space mission!

EPISODIO 07: "A day on ISS".

How does a day work in space? What do astronauts do in leisure time? In this video we will find some curiosity about the VITA Mission astronauts and their everyday life!

EPISODIO 08: "Free time on ISS".

The fantastic story of the space mission continues, exclusively on the social channels of napkinforever and pininfarina. Just like on earth, even astronauts in orbit have moments of leisure after a long day of work.
How is their free time on International Space Station?

EPISODIO 09: "Inspiration and work on I.S.S.".

The Panorama seen from the International Space Station is of great inspiration to the astronauts, who with Forever Pininifarina Space can become real artists.

EPISODIO 10: "Marte, sei pronto per il futuro?".

The second ExoMars mission will start in 2020. Let's find out some details about the project.

EPISODIO 11: "What is the Soyuz Capsule?".

The astronauts of VITA Missione and our Forever Pininfarina Space are still in orbit on International Space Station, but how did they reach it?
Let's find out the Soyuz Capsule together.
Watch the video, because the future is written up there.

EPISODIO 12: "Space Design".

The International space station design. Why housing modules have a cylindrical shape?

EPISODIO 13: "What time is it in space?".

What is time? Can it be stopped? Can it be different?