The creativity of ENSSO, a Californian design brand, founded PEN UNO, only 5.3 mm in diameter, entirely made of aluminum and characterized by the idea of freeing writing from any unnecessary ornament. An original interpretation, summarized in the attached hood in the handle, on which it flows through a rotation covering and revealing the tip. Elegance, minimalism and comfort, all in UNO.



The innovative handle doubles as a hood. Just a few tap with your thumb and the cap slides up and down so as to cover or uncover the tip.


PEN UNO uses ink gel Hi-Tec C Coleto cartridges, super smooth and super accurate. Available in many colors and in various thicknesses, 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm, and 0.5 mm.

You can choose the pen color that you prefer: PEN UNO is available in Space Grey, Gold, Pink Gold, Red and Black.


Interview with Carlo Aiello, founder of ENSSO:

Hi Carlo, what is for you the creativity?
The most fascinating aspect of creativity is the process. We have a special interest in its emergence where the product is not the result of a preconceived idea but an unexpected outcome derived from multiple analyses. The final object is something we hadn't visualized, it is instead something novel that registers our visions, motivations, and concerns.

What did inspire PEN UNO?
It is an investigation on liberating the pen of all unnecessary components and ornaments. PEN UNO aspires to be one of the most minimal writing instruments ever designed. It is also true to its function, materials, and attention to detail.

What did you find of interesting in Creative HUB project by Napkin?
I found it to be an opportunity to jump quickly on a far market like Italy, sided by a well established partner that really can make the difference.
Furthermore the other brands involved in the CREATIVE HUB project are all exclusive and very innovative, so they match perfectly our values.

What is your dream for the future of Ensso? How do you see your future?
We aspire to create a full range of writing instruments that innovate in its materiality and aesthetics. We hope to make these products available to a wider audience and that is why our partnership with Napkin is crucial to our success in Italy. Every product will be a novel investigation on the possibility of creating something radically new and exciting. Our future will be a constant exploration of new creative opportunities that would benefit everyone in their daily lives- hopefully by designing objects that give us pace in and pleasure to use.