Pen Uno 



The creativity of ENSSO, a Californian design brand, founded PEN UNO, only 5.3 mm in diameter, entirely made of aluminum and characterized by the idea of ​​freeing writing from any unnecessary ornament. An original interpretation, summarized in the attached hood in the handle, on which it flows through a rotation covering and revealing the tip. Elegance, minimalism and comfort, all in UNO.

TWIST MECHANISM The innovative handle doubles as a hood. Just a few tap with your thumb and the cap slides up and down so as to cover or uncover the tip.


HI-TEC C COLETO INK PEN UNO uses ink gel Hi-Tec C Coleto cartridges, super smooth and super accurate. Available in many colors and in various thicknesses, 0.3 mm, 0.4 mm, and 0.5 mm.

Available in 5 colors: - Titanium-gray - Pale-gold - Pink gold - Red - Black

The cap is screwed protecting the tip of the refill, or unscrewing, leaving her discovery and ready for use.

Refill: Pilot Hi-TEC "C" Coleto Taken 0.4mm - GEL Built entirely of aluminum spacegrade T6511

length 140mm
Diameter 41mm
Weight 7gr



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