Napkinforever - Fairs - Appointments in January 2018

Fiere Napkinforever Gennaio 2018

Napkinforever fairs in January 2018.

We will be at the most important market events to talk about the stylus and innovation by Napkinforever and Ethergraf®.

  • PSI 2018 - Düsseldorf - 9-11 January 2018
    HALL 10 D 48

  • PTE Promotiotrade Exhibition 2018 - Milan - 24-26 January 2018
    HALL 3 B 64

  • Paperworld 2018 - Frankfurt - 27-30 January 2018
    HALL 6.1 C 40




Pininfarina & NAPKIN in orbit on International Space Station!

NAPKIN® prepares to leave for a very special mission: Forever Pininfarina Space, our latest, brand new and innovative “stilo”, created in collaboration with the italian design house, now gets ready to go to space.

Our world has no boundaries: the will to explore and broaden our horizons has lead us to live a new adventure

Thanks to ALTEC(Aerospace Logistics Technology Engineering Company), we are about to go to space together with Pininfarina. Our new creation, the innovative stilo Forever Pininfarina Space, has been donated to the ISS (International Space Station) crew, who are bringing it with them to test it and use it under very unusual and extreme conditions, as it is for example the absence of gravity

Departure is scheduled for July 29th, on board of the Russian space shuttle Soyuz, which will stay in orbit until the end of the year.

Having always considered innovation and research as our strenghts, it seemed natural to get in touch with ALTEC, an italian exellence for what concerns the supply of engeneering services and logistics to support all the ISS operations, together with the realisation and development of missions aimed at exploring outer space

This new challenge embodies an important step in the evolution of our collaboration with Pininfarina, born in 2014 with Forever Pininfarina Cambiano, a “stilo” that has gained huge market and critics appreciation and rewards, has won an award nominee from the premium international magazine Le Stylographe and from the Italian Compasso d’Oro in 2016. Later on, in 2017, Forever Pininfarina AERO won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for Best Product Design.

Forever Pininfarina Space, thanks to its writing point made of Ethergraf
® which leaves a mark that is both soft as graphite and indelible as ink, adapts perfectly to the extremely delicate conditions within the space stations (where for example the small and invisble graphite rubble is very dangerous for the filtering system).

When the mission is over, Pininfarina Space will leave again, to finally reach the stores

During these days, in the NAPKIN and Pininfarina social medias the space mission will be narrated through exclusive episodes by the voice of astronomers and space experts: are you ready to leave with us? 

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Pininfarina Aero wins the 2017 Red Dot Award for Product Design.

The main design international award acknowledges a 100% Made in Italy collaboration which continues to be successful: NAPKIN® and Pininfarina.

The Red Dot Design Award competition has been synonym of excellence, innovation and originality since 1955: internationally speaking, it is for all who wish to emerge in their own business thanks to design and high quality. The winners are selected by a team of experts in Product design, Communication design and Design concepts areas.

The decision reached this year by the jury and communicated last April 3, confirms once again that the Made in Italy design is one of the best in the world: the acknowledgement for the Product design category has in fact been awarded to Forever Pininfarina AERO, the stilo designed by NAPKIN® with the collaboration of the Pininfarina design house.

This writing tool with its unmistakable shape has managed to stand out in a competition that has involved industrial design products from 54 Countries. Launched at the end of 2016 on the Italian and foreign markets, Forever Pininfarina AERO looks like a hollow body which seems to have been shaped by the wind: a unique and fascinating shape which recalls the infinite symbol.

Such an extraordinary and peculiar personality deeply impressed the members of the jury, who were actually amazed by the perfect match between design and technology expressed by the NAPKIN® product. Aerospace aluminium (Ergal) was used for the making of Forever Pininfarina AERO stem which was moulded according to the principle of torsion thanks to craftsmanship work which gives the product a sort of permanent twist. Moreover, the soft-touch but lasting writing tip is made of Ethergraf®, an innovative metal alloy devised by NAPKIN and inspired by the studies carried out on the silver tip by Leonardo da Vinci.
A base in rough and bold raw cement has been designed to go with Forever Pininfarina AERO in contrast with the smooth and light surface of the product. This object, as all the NAPKIN® collections, has been entirely handmade by a certified manufacturing network of Italian companies and is currently on sale in twenty countries worldwide.

As Davide Fabi, NAPKIN® CEO, stated: “The inspiration that one can perceive from Forever Pininfarina AERO is the one of a timeless object in which an emotional writing technique and innovative materials meet: the story and the future, the art and the technologic research, the creativity and the craftmanship, that is to say all the beauty Italy is now able to offer the world. I believe this is where we have what I call “well-Made in Italy”, the main reason of this extraordinary corporate success which proves how the creation of a quality network is always the winning factor”.

As winner of the Red Dot Design Award, Forever Pininfarina AERO will be awarded during the official ceremony which will be held in July and will have visibility all throughout 2017 also in the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, in Germany, besides being included in the competition yearbook.


Perpetua The Pencil becomes a jewel

Perpetua The Pencil loves to enhance her character and to express her style through small, essential details that make her unique. This time, Perpetua surprises with the sparkling and original Glitter Edition look.

The decoration of Perpetua Glitter is obtained by the combination of creek's sand - sifted and cleaned - and flakes of recycled colored aluminum. The decoration is applied entirely by hand thanks to a technique from the goldsmith's craft Italian tradition, the same used to make the pearls’ glazing. Nature, recycling and artisan know-how give life to a design object ideal for writing, perfect for an exclusive gift or to be collected.

Perpetua Glitter Edition is available in 6 color-decorations (gold, dark silver, light silver, bronze, red and blue) and it is distributed exclusively by NAPKIN.



Sabato 9 luglio, la rubrica ‪PIXEL‬ del TG3 ha voluto raccontare il progetto di ‪‎NAPKINFOREVER‬. Dalla punta d'argento di Leonardo da Vinci alla collaborazione con il laboratorio di Ivano Torresan ( Nuovi Gioielli ): così artigianalità e tecnologia hanno dato vita a ‪‎Ethergraf‬®.




DesigNotes, the notebook for design lovers

The collaboration between Pininfarina and NAPKIN has gained a new item. Those companies have always shared the passion for the style and for the elegance of the made in Italy. The new entry, born from this collaboration, is called DesigNotes and is the first notebook Pininfarina, created by NAPKIN in order to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Turin-based company.

DesigNotes is created for design lovers, in order to tell the story of a brand which is known worldwide for its ideas, images and drawings, some of them exclusive and coming directly from the archives Pininfarina. NAPKIN designed a unique format (29,7x14,5 cm, ideal for business accessories) with a layout in white pages, enriched by an appendix made of graph paper pages. To embellish the whole, the designer’s tool par excellence, a curvilinear steel.

DesigNotes, which also contains a video tutorial visible via QR Code, is available in all NAPKIN stores.